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This Site Provide Accessibility For Disability Access Person (OKU)

(1) Blind User

Tool 1: Please use Site Tool on top of this website.
Use voice icon to listen voice. Sokongan Suara W3C

Tool 2: Using IE Page Reader
Step 1: Download MS Speech API. If you are using Windows 2000, possibility the system possessed this component.

Step 2: Download Speech engine. Speech engine is a 'voice' of a man or a woman that will speak in English or other languages. For further information using this component click here.

(2) Color Blind User
User can change Red, Blue or Green color theme. Merah  Biru  Hijau
To change back to Default Font, click Default

(3) Consumer Elderly
User can change font size up or font size down. Kecilkan Saiz Huruf Besarkan Saiz Huruf











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