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In conjuction with the emphasies of project monitoring procedure, SDO Pahang provides SPP II Corner. The SPP II Corner, provided with computers, 1 printer unit and online access to the Web SPP II System. This space is dedicated to agencies to enable them to update SPP II Web when required or if the agency have access problems. We welcome everyone as a consumer or SPP II ID holders who wish to use this facility. Visitors may come to SDO Pahang directly or contact us in advance to confirm the relevant date and time. This facility is available on a "first come first serve basis ".


Tuesday of the third week of every month is SPP II Customer Day to all SPP II ID holders in Pahang. On that day, customers are welcomed to solve problems related to SPP II such as hardware and access problems.

Any further questions can be directed to :

Information Technology Section
Pahang State Development Office

Implementation Coordination Unit, Prime Minister's Department,
10th Floor Wisma Persekutuan,
25000 Kuantan, Pahang.
Phone : 09-5178208 (Counter Am)
Fax : 09-5136499











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