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    Responsible Officer For Handling Social Media Agency Website.

  • Ensuring that content does not conflict with Government policy
  • Making the social networking site as a media to promote and publicize matters relating to the Government
  • Ensure the content and suitability to be disclosed to the public
  • Ensure that the frequency of updating information and ensure it is relevant
  • Eliminating the content and information received from the public that are not relevant to the activities of the agency
  • Ensure links and content of social networking websites and the official website of the agency must be clear and not overlapping
  • Use the official logo of the agency in the social networking website
  • Using e-mail message in your profile on social networking site
  • Using pictures and/ or video that could clarify the message to be conveyed in appropriate circumtances
  • Include information on the photo/ or video used to assist in the serach by the user
  • Using the word copyrught on all photo content and/ or video
  • Use short sentences, concise, accurate and clearly defined, and
  • Provide the disclaimer statement for any damage suffered by the consumer if the current use of social networking sites.


    Users in the agency.

  • Achive social networking website that is related to official business of the agency during office hour
  • Use complete sentences and clearly defined
  • Does not display the sensitive issues like religion, politics and racism as well as defamatory or seditious
  • Does not display the statements that could affect the government's image and
  • Do not use social networking sites to embarrass certain individuals.
    Network Administrator.

  • Ensure the management of content filtering function in the filter is connected to the social networking website that has nothing to do with the use of official agencies and,
  • Monitor and analyze transactions on consumer access to agency web sites outside the social networks that do not intefere with agency's network performance.


* Source : Best Practices Social Media Usage In The Public Sector Network.











Disclaimer : PPPN Pahang shall not be responsible for any data occur or any other disadvantage during the usage of this portal.
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