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1. What is Monitoring Project System II (SPP II) and which organizations are involved in the implementation ?

SPP II is a system under the Electronic Government and one of the flagship applications under the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC). Started in 1999, it was implemented and was officially launched on May 8, 2001 by the former Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed. Implementation Coordination Unit, Prime Minister's Department (ICU JPM) is responsible for developing this system.

Overall, the scope covers all the implementation process of project development Five-Year Plan (RMLT) starting from project planning to project payment process. The main agencies involved apart from ICU JPM is the Economic Planning Unit (EPU), Treasury, Department of the Accountant General (AG) and the Public Works Department (PWD). All Ministries and Departments / Agencies involved in the implementation of development projects under the Development Budget is the main user of this system in addition to the State Department and District Office as the monitoring agency in the State and District level.

2. Who is SPP II user ?

User SPP II consists of all ministries and agencies involved.

3. What is the channel to report problems related implementation and use of SPP II ?

Users should make the problem log into the Call Centre or telephone line 03-8000 8000 for further action by the Administrator SPP II. If necessary, the user at the state level can also contact the IT Section in the State Development Office for their assistance or questions.

4. What projects are monitored by SPP II ?

Projects are monitored in SPP II is the development projects of the federal government under the Five-Year Plan (RMLT) and Private Finance Initiatives (PFI).

5. Can it be achieved in any location ?

SPP II can be achieved in any location that has access to Putrajaya Campus Network (PCN) and 1GovNet.

6. How does the agency in the state can apply SPP II user ID ?

Application ID for all agencies/ departments should state through the Ministry of the agency concerned. Meanwhile, users of local officials will asked to fill out the SPP II ID Form Application and sent to SDO to be sent to the ICU JPM. The application forms can be obtained from the SPP II website at or contact us for assistance.

7. What to do if the user ID on hold?

Users can notify the Information Technology Officer (SDO Pahang) or log into the Call Center system at for further action by the SPP II Administrator.











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